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Magento 2.1: Convenience for Merchandisers and Marketers

Now merchandisers and marketers have a reason to smile as shopping experience has been made easier and faster than before. Magento 2.1 is the latest update of the Magento platform that is meant for merchandisers and marketers and it will allow them to be able to plan ahead without the need of a staging server. Magento has user- friendly tools make this efficient and they are:

Content Staging And Preview

This key feature called content staging and preview improves the efficiency, promotes and implements any change without involving the IT team. It allows you to easily stage preview and schedule a vast range of content including updates to categories, products, and promotions.

Merchants and marketers will be able to view, check out and live test what the home page, promotional codes, product page will look like ahead of time and also be able to plan promotions in a calendar, coordinate campaigns so as to maximize your sales through the timeline dashboard. They can also share links internally for staged content to other team members for review and approvals and also get to preview any changes in checkouts so as to check if all promotions are working as expected.

PayPal Enhancement

Another key feature for Magento 2.1, where it offers a more seamless experience for PayPal users and they don’t have to leave the website to complete their payment. The PayPal window opens as an overlay on the web page and it allows you faster checkouts, and you can do repeat purchases as the credit card information is safely stored so you won’t need to re-enter card information or leave the merchant’s store. It also streamlines the checkout experience and boosts sales by increasing the conversion rate by 69 basis points.


New Elasticsearch is another new feature in Magento 2.1 and it allows shoppers to find what they need with better search technology. The open search technology gives merchants the ability to handle large catalogs without any problems and it is useful for easy scalability or the growth of their brand. It supports 33 languages out of the box which lets you set ‘stop words’ search words where it weighs to deliver highly relevant search results.

Braintree Hosted Fields

Magento 2.1 has Braintree fields that allow you to safely get information directly from your website so that the store can meet the basic level for PCI compliance. You can collect all the sensitive data, but still be in full control of the conversion rates and checkouts.

With Magento 2.1 you will be able to improve your management experience and work more efficiently as it enables you to quickly find order and customer information. Redesigned forms speed up and simplify the process of creating new products, categories, and content and the search synonyms are easy to set up across many sites.

You can get Magento 2.1 in the cloud where you get a fully customizable, secure and scalable storefront built on AWS and has been optimized for quick performance and deployment. The updates are automatically published and removed according to schedule so once you set them you don’t need to worry about checking on them.

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